Private Equity

Brascan Capital seeks to create value by directing capital toward situations where our investment, strategic insight and operational support can foster transformational changes that maximize the potential of a business. We engage in friendly transactions exclusively and forge partnerships with talented management teams with the objective of achieving exceptional performance over time.

Brascan Capital strives to achieve improvements in growth and global competitiveness that benefit also our society’s stakeholders.

Global Scope

Brascan Capital has access to a full range of cross-regional opportunities. We believe our global reach helps us to better assist our portfolio companies in dealing with developments across various regions of the world, sourcing add-on acquisition opportunities, entering new markets and outsourcing operations to reduce costs.


Brascan Capital takes a flexible, opportunistic investment approach that is not anchored to any single geography, industry, transaction structure or size. The common denominator is our focus on investments that can drive a value-creating transformation of a business. Brascan Capital focus its resources on a diverse range of opportunities, such as build-ups, growth capital and buyouts.


By investing alongside major companies, Brascan Capital can access their knowledge base, achieve synergies and compete effectively against other bidders.


Our rigorous investment approach is consistent across all investment types and based on extensive due diligence. We draw upon our substantial transaction and financing expertise and retain a sharp focus on capital preservation while striving to deliver attractive returns. Operational improvement is key to much of the value we create and we have established a specialized Portfolio Operations Group to help maximize performance. We are patient investors, committed to achieving the best long-term outcomes for our businesses and investments.